29 de agosto de 2017
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29 de agosto de 2017 Claudia Giraldo
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SEO and PR, once upon a time, used to be two different services offered separarted as part of a whole marketing campaign. Few years ago it changed.

At Bambú PR, we are working SEO and PR more closely together within a new integrated and evolved digital landscape. There are many similarities in skill sets of creating great content and reaching out other sites to develop relationships.

Why is this happening?

To start, Google started to place more importance on quality of the content, relevant content and premium sites linking to your site. Therefore, to appear high in Google’s results pages, you currently have to write and share insightful and appealing content and get links from great sites. However, if you don’t work in public relations, it’ll be something you’re not familiar with. PR professionals are in charge of this, to target larger publications with great content linking to your site. Nowadays, quality links and content has become the glue which binds search engine optimization and public relations together.

Setting very close goals for PR and SEO

It isn’t any secret that presently in 2014, engaging content which is targeted at the

proper audience won’t just boost brand awareness yet also inspire people to share what they have read around the Internet. After all, they’re the two main goals of any search engine optimization and public relations individual. Moreover, the connections which public relations experts make with impactful publishers and bloggers are a massive benefit for anybody working within search engine optimization. That’s why at Bambú PR we like working together with the SEO experts working at our clients.

These days, SEO and PR can share goals or even tasks. One such task which is shared by both departments includes content management, and especially, content calendars. Content calendars, previously, would solely be utilized by public relations experts for scheduling and creating topics for stories. SEO professionals, now are integrating content calendars in their strategies for content marketing.

Since SEO and public relations are one and same now, utilize that knowledge to locate better links to your site. Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a multitude of others are extremely important ways to gain incoming links which are based upon organic interest in your website. Links from prominent publications, of course, still are gold; however, it is a lot simpler to grow relationships with bloggers and additional social media users who have engaged, substantial readerships which make them a precious link to go after.